Mission Statement


E4E UK Mission Statement



Ethiopians for Ethiopians Outreach Work UK (E4E UK) is a charitable organization that evolved out of the need for organised action against difficult problems in our community including mental health and lack of vitality and support in many areas of community development.

We believe there is an untapped wealth of knowledge and experience within our community that can be used by organizing Ethiopian professionals, experts, and people of profound experience to help tackle such problems alongside volunteers in the community. We are a group of professionals and people of experience who are happy to volunteer to help, teach, and learn from the community in regaining vitality, structure, and unity.


Mission Statement:

The mission of Ethiopian 4 Ethiopians UK (E4E UK) is to increase the accessibility and the participation of Ethiopian professionals in the wellbeing of the community through networking and by other varied means, such as volunteering, to enable higher standards in the provision of services, health, education, and certification. In addition we endeavour to strengthen the cohesion and integration of the community within itself and the wider society.

Some of our Objectives:

  • Enable community members, access professional advice in health, law, education careers, and business.
  • Networking and facilitating constructive interaction among Ethiopian professionals.
  • Promoting and advocating the importance of organized participation of Ethiopian professionals in the development of the community
  • Developing and establishing professional standards and practices in services, education, and certification.
  • Promoting educational resources and opportunities and seeking funding for scholarships for able young people within the community.

E4E UK calls upon all Ethiopians, those of Ethiopian Origin and Friends of Ethiopia, with varied professions and experience to participate and work in collaboration to discuss challenges and issues that our fellow Ethiopians are going through and strive to find solutions for social problems within our community.

Contact us

Dr. Tsehay Atlaw –                 Chairperson       07954 141 017

Eng. Sileshi Tesema –            Secretary           07868 846 732

Eng. Wondimu Negash         Member             07883 009 092

E-mail: eth4ethuk@gmail.com