Our Partners

— Arada TV London

Based in London, Arada TV helps our community sharing information from variety of outlets to the wider UK community and the world.

Arada TV has been working with E4E on a number of prgrammes inlcuding public discussion in various venues,  live streaming of E4E panel discussion for the wider UK and international audiences.


— Ethiopian Community in Britain (London)

Provides information, advice, advocacy, and referral services on housing, benefits, health, education, training, and employment opportunities. Also provides basic support, holds outreach, and leisure activities for older people. Social club service Ethiopian National dish and Hall hire services to the public.

ECB and E4E agreed to work in collaboration to help the community in issues that matter.

— Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN, UK)

Global Knowledge Exchange Network, GKEN, is a non-profit organization that was established in 2010. The organization’s main aim is to create a scientific platform for Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia – academics, researchers, and practitioners – in order to implement GKEN’s noble goal of improving the quality of higher education in Ethiopia and across Africa by facilitating the exchanging of knowledge and sharing of experiences amongst the scientific community.


— United Ethiopians for Peace and Reconiliation (UE4PR, UK)

United Ethiopians for peace and reconciliation is committed to working with all Ethiopians (in Ethiopia and the rest of the world), that share a similar vision.  (the Ethiopian government, community-based organizations, CSOs, and international.)


— Embassy of Ethiopia, London

The Embassy’s main objective is to further cement the amicable bilateral ties between Ethiopia and the United Kingdom, which date back to 1903.

The Embassy carries out official diplomatic activities and serves as a vital resource for Ethiopians in the United Kingdom as well as partners and friends of Ethiopia.

E4E UK launches the first public discussion at the Ethiopian Embassy Hall in London in April 2019.


— Ethiopian History Society, London

Founded in 2013, the Ethiopian History Society UK is a civic organization with a vision to create awareness of Ethiopian History and cultural heritage within the younger members of the Ethiopian community. Our annual family events are well attended, educational, and informative. We celebrate the Victory of the Battle of Adwa, March 1st, 1896; and to commemorate Martyr’s day, February 19, 1937 – the period between February 19 to March 1st being designated as “Ethiopian History Week” by EHS.

EHS has hosted Black History month events and workshops during October, 2017,2018 & 2019, to promote the importance and influence of Ethiopian history and culture in the history of Black people.


 Adwa London – Ethiopian History Society UK

— Ethiopian Sports and Culture Federation the United Kingdom (ESCF)

ESCF in UK is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote the rich Ethiopian culture and heritage as well as building positive environments within Ethiopian communities in the United Kingdom. Its mission is Bringing Ethiopians Together to network, support the business community, empower the young by primarily using soccer tournaments, other sports activities and cultural events as vehicles. ESCF UK, by virtue of its status is non-political, non-religious and non-ethnic.