Working With Ethiopian Professionals

We Support Our Professionals and our Community to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


— We Reach Out

Reach out to those who need support within OUR community:

There are many challenges faced by the members of the Ethiopian Community in London and further afield in the UK. Challenges arise due to factors such as cultural differences, language barriers, social isolation, lack of education, etc. We attempt to identify these challenges and aspire to reach out to those who need support.  


— We Listen to

Listen to, guide, and support community members:

E4E is always ready to listen to members of the community who need support (via dedicated tel nos, or dedicated phone numbers). We support and guide in the right direction, where possible to connect with the right professionals. We lend a listening ear in our own languages and are culturally sensitive to the issues and problems that members of the community may have.


— We Guide

Guide and enable access to services and resources in health, education, law, etc.

Wherever possible, we hope to offer all-rounded support to anyone who needs help/advice in health, education, law, business issues, and more. Through our volunteer members, partners, and contacts, we hope to direct members of the community to the right professionals or institutions if needed.


— We Build Networks

Build networks/bridges to link the community with professionals

We have been building networks with other civic organizations and linking with professionals in areas such as health (in particular, mental health), nutrition, education, law, etc to provide access to professional help and support. We directly assess and analyze the needs of individuals before we link them to the right professional help.


— We Strengthen

Strengthen connections within communities and families

Families are the most important aspect of communities; we believe that our relationship with the family is an important resource for helping the community. Therefore, our work focuses on first connecting with and supporting families where appropriate, and as a result, helping the community.


— We Educate

Educate on important current health, social and other issues

In an ever-changing society, reliable information is vital. We aim to educate and inform the community on important issues. For example, the recent successful broadcasts on COVID-19 and its impact on mental and physical health within the society, and particularly the Ethiopian community. We also have an ongoing series of training broadcasts on aspects of the workings of the human brain, and how it impacts peace and reconciliation and relationships of humans during the crisis.


— We Empower

Empower community members to help themselves and each other

By bringing people in the community together, we create an environment where the community is strengthened.  E4E provides support and encourages those who have been helped to help and support other members within the community.


— We Respect

Respect confidentiality of individuals that seek help and advice

We are committed to integrity and respecting confidentiality in all the support, help, and guidance we provide.


— We Link

Exploring the huge potential that exists in our community.

We link our professionals with these huge potentials with our community to consult, advice, and support on problems they are facing while running their day to day life.

This support extends from community discussions to one-to-one support where possible to narrow the access gap.

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within our Community

Community spirit

The Keys to a New Future for better Community

Improving the health and wellbeing of our community.

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Helping eachother

Supporting eachother to fulfil the needs of the community