More about us

Across the United Kingdom, We Are United in Our Dedication to the Wealth of our Community

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all our professionas work to help our community

We are a group of Ethiopian professionals with a keen interest and passion to bring about more positive relationships and support networks within the Ethiopian community in the UK. We intend to mobilize like-minded professionals and persons of varied skills so that everyone feels encouraged to contribute towards a better future for our community.

Our Approach

We Facilitate and Create Platforms

E4E UK facilitates and creates platforms to link our Ethiopian professionals with our Ethiopian community, to tackle health problems, social issues and those who have immigration problems

To do these, we need Ethiopian professions working in the health sector, Education and immigration & law. These professionals will discuss the number of issues that our community has in their own language and solve their problems.

E4E UK organized public discussions on Mental Health issues with our community. Such programs will continue to cover a variety of problems that our community facing on top of a lack of understanding of the issue, language barrier, stress & depression.


— We Are

A non-political, non-religious charitable civic network that evolved from the realization of the need for an organized action to tackle the difficult issues and problems that prevail within the Ethiopian Community in the UK.


— Our Purpose

We have identified that there is a huge amount of untapped wealth of knowledge and experience that can be shared with the community by organizing our own professionals and experienced individuals who volunteer to help and address current and existing issues affecting all sections of our community.


— Our Mission

Ethiopian for Ethiopians UK (E4E UK) aspires to increase the participation of Ethiopian professionals in addressing the wellbeing of the community through networking. We aim to enable access to services such as health, social care and education by being the bridge between Ethiopian professionals and the wider community. We aim to support the vulnerable in our community by providing practical support through our professional members and volunteers.